MKR Design Co

Gina Nee was born and raised on Long Island, NY, and lived in Port Jefferson Station before moving to Hampstead, NC 2.5 years ago. We always knew we would settle in North Carolina. We are so happy and blessed to have found this beautiful small town. Our family loves spending days on the boat, fishing and enjoying the Coastal lifestyle that Hampstead/ Topsail has to offer.  We sat down with Gina to learn more about her and the beautiful signs she is inspired to create.

Q:  What do you do when you are not working on your signs?

I am a Broker/Realtor with Coastal Realty in Hampstead. I love helping buyers tour our beautiful area and find their dream home.

Q:  What is a typical day with MKR Design Co?

I love that I get to create different signs every day.  Each sign created entails a multi step process that takes a few days to complete from start to finish. This process includes designing the sign on the computer, cutting the wood, sanding, painting/staining and then lasering the design.  Every sign created receives a few finishing touches and a photo for sharing on social media before completion.

Q:  What do you love the most about the products you create?

I enjoy having the freedom to design and produce whatever it is that comes to mind.  I also welcome custom orders and am so fulfilled when they send me pictures of the signs featured in their homes. It brings such joy to see that people like my products.

Q:  What’s your least favorite part of creating your products?

It’s probably a tie between sanding the wood pieces and waiting for paint/stain to dry. I’m so impatient!

Q:  Where did you get your business name?

The MKR initials stand for my 3 daughters; Madison, Kayla and Riley. They are my “why” for starting the business. They are always contributing to my work. Whether it is giving opinions for colors, helping with the design, and answering the all important question I ask them, “Is this spelled correctly?”

Q:  Any interesting customer/sign stories to share?

Yes! See above comment! I was rushing to get some signs done and DID NOT ask for a second opinion on the spelling of a local town. Luckily, the sign didn’t make it into anyone’s home, but it was on display at a shop for a day or two. Oops!

Q:  What is a goal you have for yourself/MKR for this year?

I would like to see my products offered on a larger platform – my own website or Etsy. Beyond offering at Coastal Home, my creations are offered on social media and through word of mouth.  I may also need to acquire a helper or two; maybe someone who enjoys hand sanding all the wood.

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