Due North Designs

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, I moved to Sneads Ferry in 2017 as an escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of NYC. I grew up in a Victorian era house that seemed to always be under construction so woodworking was in my blood. One of my earliest memories is following my dad around with a tool belt and a hand saw while my grandma was yelling that I was going to cut myself. Ultimately when my wife and I bought a house, she showed me an entryway table that she wanted to buy. I said absolutely not- I can build it better and for much cheaper. That was the start of Due North Designs. I build a wide variety of items from wooden wedding bands, tables and home decor items. However, my favorite is working with live edge slabs and epoxy inlays. There’s no better feeling than seeing a customer’s reaction after delivering a project idea that they drew on a napkin.

I would like to thank Jill and Coastal Home Store for supporting and believing in my abilities. While I do all the building, my wife Becky is the quality control inspector and does not let me deliver a project until she deems it perfect. Since I’m a merchant marine currently working on tugboats throughout the east coast, I can only focus on woodworking during my time off. My ultimate goal is to stop sailing, be home with my wife more, and make woodworking my full-time career. I appreciate all the support.

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